Ademix Isoflex 7000

Cement-Acrylic Based Semi-Flexible Waterproofing Material

Ademix Isoflex 7000
Cement-Acrylic Based Semi-Flexible Waterproofing Material

It is a semi-flexible waterproofing and concrete preservative mortar which is enhanced with superior properties of cement-acrylic based, double component chemicals providing waterproofing.

Areas of Use:
It is used on any kind of concrete, cement finish and plaster surfaces; all wet areas such as kitchen, bathroom, WC, balcony, terrace, etc; pools and water tanks for waterproofing processes of places such as foundation and face walls.

Easy to apply.
Has high adhesion force.
Resistant against freeze-thaw effects.
Used in indoors-outdoors, vertical-horizontal applications.
Can be safely applied and does not crack thanks to its high level adhesion and semi-flexible features.
Can be used in terraces, water tanks and swimming pools provided that its surface is protected.
Is the ideal waterproofing material prior to ceramic coating or cement finish.
Not corrosive for reinforcement.
Suitable for use in drinking water tanks.

Technical Specifications:
– Initial Tensile Adhesion Strength: ≥ 0.5 N/mm2
– Tensile Adhesion Strength After Water Contact: ≥ 0.5 N/mm2
– Tensile Adhesion Strength After Thermal Aging: ≥ 0.5 N/mm2
– Tensile Adhesion Strength After Freeze-Thaw Cycle: ≥ 0.5 N/mm2
– Tensile Adhesion Strength After Lime Water Contact: ≥ 0.5 N/mm2
– Tensile Adhesion Strength After Chlorinated Water Contact: ≥ 0.5 N/mm2
– Water Impermeability: No penetration
– Pressurized Water Resistance (Positive): ≥ 2 bar
– Water Vapor Permeability: Class I; Sd <5
-Capillary Water Absorption Value: ≤ 0.1 kg/m2h0.5

Temperature Resistance: (-30°C) – (+80°C)

*The above values are valid for 28 days of performance that was obtained as a result of laboratory experiments.

Application Information:
Application Temperature: (+5°C) – (+35°C)
Mixing Ratio: 5 kg liquid / 20 kg powder
Workable Period: 2 Hours
Waiting Period Between Layers: 5- 6 hours
Grouting Period: 1 week
Average Consumption: First coat: 1.50 kg/m2(For 1 mm thickness depending on surface roughness)
Second coat:1.30 kg/m2 (For 1 mm thickness depending on surface roughness)
Third coat: 1 kg/m2 (For 1 mm thickness depending on surface roughness)

*These values are valid for 23°C and 50% relative humidity. Times may vary depending on ambient conditions.

Surface Preparation:
-The application surface should be made clean from dust, dirt, oil, paint residue, and similar foreign matters reducing adherence.
-It should be ensured that the application surface is set.
-Any surface breakdowns, roughness, and eyelet pores should be repaired with ADEMIX PLASTER 1 day before the application, and corner chamfers should be necessarily made.
-The floor should be dampened, moistened, and saturated with water.

Mixture Preparation:
20 kg ADEMIX ISOFLEX 7000 powder component is added slowly into a 5 kg liquid component. It is stirred with a low-speed mixer for at least 3 minutes until a homogenous and fluid mixture without lumps is obtained. The mortar, which is rested for 5 minutes, is stirred again for 30 seconds before the application and made ready for use.

The prepared mixture is applied to the surface with a brush or roller in minimum two layers. It is applied by feeding thoroughly to cover the entire surface in a way that it does not form pores. The second coat application can be started at least 5 hours after the first coat application. The second coat application should be done just like the first coat application. However, the application of each coat should be done in the vertical direction of the previous coating. Application made in 90 degrees rotated direction eliminates the risk of pores. Wait for maximum 1 day before next coat.
It should be applied in at least 2 coats. Depending on the water height, 3 coats may be required.

– Chamfering tape should be applied to the corners and joints in the application area. In cases where there is no chamfering tape, the joint details should be ovalized, and the mortar should be reinforced with mesh.
-Applied floors should be coated with a topcoat such as cement finish, ceramic, etc.
-At least 7 days should pass for the application surface to be ready for use and flooring.
– If the application area is a water tank, the product should be waited to be cured for at least 28 days.
– During the coating process, care must be taken to avoid mechanical damage to the insulation material.
-The mortar, which begins to harden, should not be used.
-The mixture should be prepared only with its own liquid, water should never be added.
Applications should not be carried out in temperatures below -5°C.
-The application surface should be protected from sun, rain, and dust for 1 day, and protective measures should be taken during application on surfaces which are directly exposed to sunlight and wind.
-Foreign materials should never be mixed into the mortar.
-After application, all used tools should be washed with plenty of water before drying.

Do not breathe the product directly, as it is cement-based. Avoid contact with skin and eyes.

Reference Standard:
TS EN 1504-2

Powder component: Grey Powder
Liquid component: White Liquid
Powder component: 20 kg kraft bag
Liquid component: 5 kg plastic jerry can
25 kg set

Shelf life: 12 months in dry environment and in original package


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