Ademix 708 LS

Lithium Silicate Based Concrete Surface Hardener

Lithium Silicate Based Concrete Surface Hardener

It is a liquid concrete surface hardener that reinforces concrete by reacting chemically with concrete, prevents dusting, provides excellent abrasion resistance, water and chemical resistance.

Areas of Use:
It is used in factory floors, all kinds of food (meat, milk, beverage, etc.) factory floors, warehouse floors, open and closed car parks, museums, hospitals, sports fields, airports, treatment facilities, offices, shopping malls, buildings with all bare concrete surfaces. .

Product Advantages:

It is colorless and odorless, not flammable.
It does not contain harmful and flammable solvents.
It is easy to apply and can be opened to pedestrian and vehicle traffic a few hours after application.
It increases the resistance of concrete and cement based surfaces against dusting.
Penetrating deep into the concrete, it forms solid micro crystals, as a result of this reaction, a layer similar to paint film does not form on the concrete surface.
The natural appearance of concrete does not deteriorate. No yellowing or color change on the surface.
Increases wear resistance.
It increases the durability of the ground on which it is applied.
It can be applied to old and new concrete.

Technical Specifications:

Appearance: Transparent Liquid
Density: 1.05-1.15 kg / lt
Solid Content: 12 ± 1%
Ph: 12 ± 1
Drying Time: 1-2 hours
Full Curing Time: 7 days

*The above values are valid for 28 days of performance that was obtained as a result of laboratory experiments.

Application Information

Application Temperature: (+5 ° C) – (+ 35 ° C)
Consumption Average: 0.10 – 0.20 kg / m² (Consumption varies according to surface absorbency.)

Surface Preparation:
­Bearing concrete of application area must be at least C25 class.
– There is no need for any preliminary preparation on freshly poured concrete.
– Old concrete surfaces should be cleaned from dust, dirt, oil, paint residue and similar adherence reducing foreign materials.
– After the cleaning process is done and the surface is dry, the porous structure is obtained by cleaning the existing sherbet layer and the solidified layers on the surface with the help of diamond cleaning and cleaning tools.
-After the necessary surface preparation is done, dust and other residues on the surface should be removed from the surface.

New Concrete: Preferably, the concrete should complete the 7-day setting time, and in case of emergency, ADEMIX 708 LS can be applied when it hardens enough to be pressed on the concrete. ADEMIX 708 LS is applied with a low pressure spray (gun) or poured onto the surface. In case it is poured on the surface, it is spread on the surface with a soft brush or a suitable spreading tool. In this way, the surface is thoroughly wetted, the surface tension is reduced, allowing the material to penetrate the concrete.
The surface is kept wet for an average of 30 minutes, the surface is expected to gel and slightly slippery. In cold weather, the gel time is prolonged and in hot weather it becomes shorter. In order to keep the surface wet in hot weather, additional ADEMIX 708 LS may need to be applied, it should not leave dry areas on absorbent surfaces, the surface should be wetted with ADEMIX 708 LS.
Depending on the required polishing requirement on the surface, polishing process can be done with the help of polishing diamond pads between 800 – 3000 grit values after application.

Existing (Old) Concrete: After preparing the concrete surface for application, the application should be done in a similar way to the new concrete.

-Because the material is placed on the market ready for application, it should not be diluted with water or solvent in any way.
-It should be done with low pressure in case of spray application. Wire brush should not be used. Care should be taken that the material does not come into contact with metal, glass, aluminum and other enamel surfaces.
-It should be paid attention that the material does not freeze in cold weather. If frozen, it should be re-opened in a warm environment.
– It should not be used in porous concrete.

It should be protected against freezing.
All tools used are cleaned by washing with water after application.
Keep out of the reach of children.
Avoid eye and skin contact.

Color: Transparent liquid

Package: 30 kg plastic drum

SHELF LIFE:12 months in its original packaging without opening in a dry environment. It should be stored away from direct sunlight.


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