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Ademix Antifreeze

Set Accelerator Concrete Admixture

Ademix Antifreeze
Set Accelerator Concrete Admixture

It is a setting accelerating concrete additive that provides early strength of concrete at low temperatures.

Areas of Use:
It is used in concretes casted in case ambient temperature is below +5°C, in cases where frost is expected after concrete casting, in the production of concrete that is required to take early formwork in the winter months, in the production of concrete with and without pump.


It shortens the start and end times of set compared to no-additive concrete.
It protects from frost by increasing the early strength of the casted concrete in winter.
It is used against the risk of freeze-thaw in regions with cold climatic conditions.
It is chlorine free.

Technical Specifications:
Color: Light Brown
Density: 1.20 ± 0.05 gr/cm³
Chlorine content: < 0.1%

*These values are valid for 23°C and 50% relative humidity. Times may vary depending on ambient conditions.

Depending on the performance expected from concrete, 1% – 2% of the binder ratio (1000-2000 grams for 100 kg of cement) is used.
ADEMIX ANTIFREEZE is used by directly adding to the domestic water or by adding to the concrete in fresh form to which some of the domestic water has been already added. In this case, it is necessary to increase the stirring time a little.

The usage rate should be determined by prior laboratory experiments depending on the concrete class and its properties desired.
It can be used with mineral additives (slag, micro silica, etc.) in cases where a high level of the binding material is required.
If the mold and reinforcement are frozen, they should be heated and adjusted to a minimum of 0 ̊C.
The fresh concrete temperature should be increased to 15 ̊C if possible.

Reference Standard:
It complies with TS EN 934-2 standard Table 6.

Color: Light Brown
Package: 30 kg drum
Shelf Life: 12 months in its original, unopened package, under appropriate storage conditions


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