Ademix 100 Plus

Ceramic & Tile Adhesive

Ceramic & Tile Adhesive

This is a cement-based ceramic and tile bonding mortar with reduced slipping properties.

Areas of Usage:
It is used to bond small and medium sized materials such as tiles and ceramics to be used in lateral and vertical surfaces plastered with lean concrete, ferro-concrete, screed or cement.

Product Advantages:
Easy to apply
Does not slip.
Its adherence is high.

Technical specifications:
Slip: ≤ 0.5 mm
Adhesion Strength:
– After Open Time: ≥ 0.5 N / mm² After at least 20 min
– Initial: ≥ 0.5 N / mm²
– After Immersion in Water: ≥ 0.5 N / mm²
– After Heat Exposure: ≥ 0.5 N / mm²
– After Freeze-Thaw Cycle: ≥ 0.5 N / mm²
Temperature Resistance: (-30 ° C) – (+70 ° C)
Reaction to Fire Class: A1

*The above values are valid for 28 days of performance, which were obtained through laboratory tests.

Application Information:
Application Temperature: (+5 ° C) – (+35 ° C)
Mixing Ratio: 6 – 7 lt water / 25 kg powder
Pot life: 2 hours
Open time: 20 min.
Application thickness: 3–10 mm
Grouting Time: 24 hours
Average Consumption: 3 – 5 kg / m2

* These values are valid for 23 ° C and 50% relative humidity. Times may vary depending on ambient conditions.

Surface Preparation
– The application surface should be made clean from dust, dirt, oil, paint residue, and other similar adherence reducing foreign materials.
– Care must be taken to ensure that the application surface is set.
– The surface must be moistened before application.
– The dusty surface behind the ceramic should be moistened and wiped.

Mixture Preparation:
25 kg Ademix 100PLUS should be added slowly to 6-7 liters of water. The mixture then should be blended with a trowel or a low-speed mixer in a way that no floccules remain, until a homogeneous mixture is obtained. The homogeneously mixed mortar should be rested for 5 minutes and then mixed again to make it ready for application.

The prepared mixture should be used within a maximum of 2 hours and mixtures that are waiting to be used during this period should be mixed intermittently. Any mortar which has started to harden or has expired should not be used.

The prepared mixture should be spread on the surface with the flat part of the trowel to ensure good adhesion and then combed with a toothed trowel suitable for size of the tile to be used. Ceramics must be bonded to the combed mortar within 20 minutes. Good adhesion should be provided by pressing on the laid material by hand and applying force with rubber hammer.

– Adhesive should be used by applying it to small areas and any adhesives whose material bonding was delayed and has started to cake should be scraped clean from the surface.
– The excess adhesive in the joint gaps should be scraped before drying, and the mortars smeared on the surface should be cleaned with a damp cloth.
Applications should not be carried out in temperatures below -5°C.
– Without taking protective measures, applications should not be made on surfaces that are exposed directly to sun and wind.
– Foreign materials should never be mixed into the mortar.
– All tools used should be washed after application with water before drying.
-The grouting process can be started after 24 hours.
– Tiles bonded with Ademix 100PLUS should not be exposed to water for at least 24 hours.
– Depending on the application area and the type of ceramic to be applied, double-sided bonding should be used.
*Ademix 100PLUS White should be used in light ceramic applications.

Do not breathe the product directly, as it is cement-based. Avoid contact with skin and eyes.

Reference Standard:

TS EN 12004 -1 / C1T Class
C: Cement-based
1: Standard performance
T: Reduced slipping

Colors: Gray, White
Package: 25 kg. kraft paper bag
Shelf life: 12 months in dry environment and in original packaging


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