Ademix 900

Ademix 900

Mineral Textured Decorative Coating

Ademix 900
Mineral Textured Decorative Coating.

Cement-based, polymer reinforced, mineral textured decorative coating.

Areas of Use:
It is used as a top coat decorative coating on the exterior and exterior thermal insulation systems of all buildings.

Easily patterned.
Gives the construction a natural and decorative appearance.
Resolves surface defects.
Creates a surface ready for painting.
Flexible, it minimizes the risk of cracking.
Has high water vapor permeability.
Resistant to severe climatic conditions.

Technical Specifications:
Bending Strength: ≥ 2 N/mm²
Compressive Strength: ≥ 8 N/mm²

*The above values are valid for 28 days of performance that was obtained as a result of laboratory experiments.

Dry Film Thickness: E5
Grain Size: S4 (for 2 mm) – S3 (for 1.2 mm)
Water Vapor Transmission Rate: V1
Water Transmission Rate: W2
Crack Bridging Feature: A0
CO2 Permeability: C0
Mold Growth Resistance: K2

Application Information:
Application Temperature: (+5°C) – (+35°C)
Mixing Ratio: 5.5-6.5 lt water / 25 kg powder
Usable period: 2 hours
Average Consumption: 3-4 kg/m²

*These values are valid for 23°C of temperature and 50% relative humidity. Times may vary depending on ambient conditions.

Surface Preparation:
-The application surface should be made clean from dust, dirt, oil, paint residue, and similar foreign matters reducing adherence.
-The surface should be smooth and firm.
-The surface must be moistened before the application.

Mixture Preparation:
25 kg Ademix 900 is slowly added to 5.5-6.5 lt water. Stirred until a homogeneous mixture is obtained with a trowel or a low-speed mixer, leaving no lumps.The mortar is rested for 5 minutes and is then mixed again and made ready for use.

The prepared mixture is applied on the surface with a steel trowel in uniform thickness. Application thickness should be adjusted according to the largest grain size in the material. Excess material on the surface should be cleaned. The application surface should be patterned with circular movements with a plastic trowel. The trowel surface should be cleaned frequently during the process.

-The patterning process should be done while the material is wet.
-It should be applied to the surfaces, that are connected to each other, at once.
-The surface should not be left as a top coat, after drying, it should be painted with silicone-added exterior paint.
-After drying (about 2-3 days later), the paint application can be started.
-In hot and windy weathers, the surface should be moistened at certain time intervals to prevent sudden water loss on the application surfaces and to eliminate the risk of cracking.
Applications should not be carried out in temperatures below -5°C.
– Applications should not be made on surfaces that are exposed to sun and wind directly, without taking protective measures.
-Foreign materials should never be mixed into the mortar.
-After application, all used tools should be washed with plenty of water before drying.

Do not breathe the product directly, as it is cement-based. Avoid contact with skin and eyes.

Reference Standard:

TS 7847

Color: White
Package: 25 kg kraft bag
Shelf life: 12 months in dry environment and in original package


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